List of Films Full of Knowledge Related to the Dangers of Solo Traveling

List of Films Full of Knowledge Related to the Dangers of Solo Traveling

List of Films Full of Knowledge Related to the Dangers of Solo Traveling – Solo traveling is currently the choice of teenagers when they want to find a new atmosphere while on vacation, this action has also become a trend that quite a lot of people follow. Solo traveling is a trend that is booming among today’s children, especially for singles! Solo traveling is an activity of traveling or traveling alone which is done just to follow trends, or heal from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Solo traveling is okay as long as you pay attention to the tourist destinations to be visited carefully and carefully planned so that unwanted things do not happen. Not a few solo traveling activities actually cause a lot of problems for themselves because of a lack of careful planning. So for that, below are some films that tell about the dangers of solo traveling that you can watch just in case when going solo traveling. Curious? Let’s take a look below!

1. The Shallows (2016)

The film The Shallows tells the story of a female surfer who goes on a solo trip. The trip eventually turned into a disaster for himself. The story begins when Nancy, who is a medical movieon21 student from Texas, has a hobby of surfing. He plans to do a solo trip on a beach that has waves that he feels are suitable for surfing. Nancy chose to come to a beach that is still rarely known by people in Mexico.

2. Into The Wild (2007)

This film tells the story of a smart young boy who has just graduated from college named Christopher McCandless. He decided to choose a different path than most people at his age. After graduating from college, he decided to try to become a whole person by traveling or solo traveling. He has visited many places in his solo traveling, ranging from forests, beaches, rocky fields, and several other places that are rarely visited by people.

3. I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

This film tells the story of a woman named Jennifer who is a novelist. One day he decides to go to a remote area to finish his new novel. He went to a remote place with the aim of being more focused and calm to do well on his latest novel. Jennifer also rented a cottage which she used to live in during her stay in the area.

4. Tracks (2014)

Tracks is a film that tells about the journey of a young woman named Robyn Davidson. He decided to wander alone with his dog through the barren desert in Australia.

5. 127 Hours (2010)

127 Hours is a film based on true events. A biopic of Aron Ralston, an adventurer who gets caught in the crevices of a cliff in the Utah hinterland while on his 127-hour solo trip. If you watch at the beginning of the story, you will not expect that in the middle of the film a tragic tragedy will occur that actually befalls Aron. The journey he took seemed cool and fun, until in the end a tragedy struck Aron.